School Science Competitions (SSC)

All students must be resident in Sri Lanka and studying in Government registered or International School

School Science Competition is organized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as an annual programme. The children from all government recognized schools (government and international) are eligible to participate at the competitions.

The theme of the School Science Competition year 2023 is: “STEAM education for a better future”.

Competitions line up for SSC 2023:

  1. Short Science Drama
  2. Role Play of a renowned personality in the field of STEAM
  3. Viridu
  4. Song
  5. Digital Story
  6. Science Essay
  7. Short Science Story (Science Fiction)
  8. Hand-painted poster contest
  9. Virtual Bridge Designing Contest

Note : The theme and competition line up's will be changed on annnual basis.

Creations received by the NSF will be evaluated by a special panel and the decision of the Panel of Judges will be the final. No grievances or appeal or canvasing will be entertained during evaluation or once the winners are announced.

The winners will be felicitated at a special event organized by the NSF.

General guidelines of the competitions for school children
  1. All competitions will be conducted under the selected theme.
  2. Students from all government recognized schools (government and international) are eligible to participate at the competitions.
  3. The schools not registered under NSF School Science Society Network (SSSN) are encouraged to register with NSF SSSN to receive more benefits. The registration can be obtained free of charge by visiting or sending duly filled application obtained from the NSF.
  4. Submissions for the competitions can be done in all three languages (i.e. Sinhala, Tamil and English). However, winners of each competition will be selected irrespective of the medium of submission.
  5. All applications should be certified as students’ own creations by the relevant class teacher and send through principal of the school.
  6. Both students and teachers can submit scripts for dramas, lyrics for viridu and song competitions.
  7. All drama scripts sent to NSF will be evaluated by a panel of judges and manuscripts selected for final evaluations will be informed to relevant applicant to prepare the drama for the final round.
  8. The students participating Role play, Viridu and Song competitions must send their presentations as a video clip to the NSF using one of the communication channels mentioned by the NSF.
  9. The initial rounds of the evaluation of Role play, Viridu and Song will be done using the videos submitted by the students. The best 10 submissions selected in this evaluation will be called to present at the final round to be held in one central location.
  10. The performance or presentation relevant to all competitions should be done by the students.
  11. In poster competition, only hand drawn posters will be accepted.
Guidelines for submissions