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SRPC creates Grand Awards Winners at ISEF 2017

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Science Research Projects Competition (SRPC) organized by NSF since 2008 was able to create a Grand Awards Winning Science Project at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) held in Los Angeles, USA from 14 – 19 May 2017.

A Grand Award (fourth place) under the category of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the Grand Awards Ceremony of the Intel ISEF held on 19 May 2017 in Los Angeles was won by Shehan Kavishka and Sankalpa Perera, two students of S. De S. Jayasinghe Central Collage, Dehiwala, who represented NSF Science Research Projects Competition (SRPC) 2016 organized by NSF. The winning project was on “Micro and nano engineering for wastewater: magnetized biochar and nanoparticle composite for toxic Cr (VI) removal”. This is the very first time which won a Grand Award at the ISEF for the history of the SRPC from 2008.  

They also were able to win a Special Award of US$ 1000/- (Mawhiba’s Special Award) for the same project at the Special Awards Ceremony held on 18 May 2017 at ISEF.

Shehan Kavishka and Sankalpa Perera competed at the SRPC 2016 held from 17-19 January 2017 in Colombo and their Science Project (Micro and nano engineering for wastewater: magnetized biochar and nanoparticle composite for toxic Cr (VI) removal) was selected as one of the Top Ten Winners of the above Competition. After became a Top Ten Winner, their project was eligible to participate at the Sri Lanka Science and Engineering Fair 2017 held in Colombo on 09 February 2017. Their project won the second place at the above competition and therefore, eligible to participate at the ISEF 2017 in Los Angeles.

During the recent past, the SRPC was highly improved by introducing several progressive steps by NSF with an objective of creating international winners. Introducing Principal Supervisors / Supervisors for science projects was significant here. Dr Meththika Vithanage was appointed as the Principal Supervisor of this project by NSF and she did an excellent job by supervising the two students to a winning path.

Apart from this, organizing of two progress review workshops prior to the final evaluation and selection of high caliber Resource Panel to guide the students to apply scientific method accurately for their research work, and increasing of financial support by NSF for conducting science research projects were such progressive steps introduced by NSF.

NSF determines to produce more Grand Award Winners of ISEF in future and to encourage Sri Lankan school children to involve in science research, and thereby contribute to inculcate a science research culture among the school children of the country.

NSF congratulates to Shehan Kavishka and Sankalpa Perera for winning a Grand Award and a Special Award at the Intel ISEF, which is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, organized in USA featured nearly 1,800 young scientists selected from 425 affiliate fairs in 78 countries, regions and territories.

Shehan Kavishka and Sankalpa Perera on their arrival at the Bandaranayke Memorial International Airport

Winning Medals at the ISEF 2017

Shehan and Sankalpa at ISEF 2017


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