NSF Promotes Evidence Based Decision Making in the Country

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Launching of the “Evidence based decision making programme: Research into practice” was held on 12th September 2023 at the NSF Board Room with the participation of decision makers from the National Dengue Control Unit, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, NSF Management, members of the Ad hoc Committee on Research Programme on Health Science (RPHS) and NSF grantees.

Five research projects completed under the Research Programme on Health Science addressing dengue research were discussed at this forum. The key research findings were presented by the grantees and the implementable outputs to be transferred to the relevant stakeholders were identified and discussed. The importance of a mechanism for taking research into policy making level was reiterated at the end and data sharing and open science aspects were also discussed. This programme was an initiative of Dr Sepalika Sudasinghe, Director General/ NSF and she chaired and moderated the discussions.

As a follow up of the programme, a second discussion was held with the National Dengue Control Unit for the possible transfer of one research output on 12th December 2023. This session was also chaired by the Director General, NSF.

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