Handing over the Business Enterprise data of the R&D survey 2020 to the NSF

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The Research and Development (R&D) Survey has been conducted in a regular manner biennially by the NSF. This survey encompasses four sectors: state, higher education, business enterprise and NGOs. The NSF signed an MoU with Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) in 2019 to conduct Business Enterprise (BE) sector in a collaborative manner.

Since then, the NSF has become a strategic partner with the DCS and conducted the BE sector of the R&D survey 2020 with them as well. The final statistics were presented in front of NSF and DCS officials on 12th October,2022 at the DCS. The DCS Director General, Mr. Anura Kumara and the NSF Director General, Dr Sepalika Sudasinghe and representatives of both institutes were present at the occasion.

At this brief ceremony, it was highlighted the usefulness of having research and development data related to the private sector as being the main production sector of the country. Highlighting the importance of driving towards a production-based economy mainly to overcome this financial crisis, the contribution of this R&D sector for its development was critically brought out and suggested to facilitate. Highlights of the survey were presented by Dr. Priyadarshana Dharmawardena, Senior Statistician of the DCS. Subsequently a brief discourse on the processed information based on collected data was also had. Both institutes worked collaboratively to achieve these final outputs and complimented each other for their hard working towards achieving such a precious data set which is used for international statistics as well.