Promoting use of biogas: an effective alternative to LPG !

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Seeking long-lasting solutions is a dire need as there is a dearth of LP gas for which a considerable amount of forex is required. It is unlikely that Sri Lanka will be able to afford to continue using LP gas in future with the widening negative balance of payment and huge foreign debt in hand. The issue will be more serious with the escalating LP gas prices in the market. Therefore, relying on LP gas will not be sustainable at all. Accordingly, the NSF initiated a project to promote the production of biogas at different scales whilst securing safety of people. Extensive awareness is required in this regard to raise the interest of the public to adopt to the use of alternative measures/strategies that will sort the current crisis and help the country in some way to develop economically as an independent nation. More discussions and preparing the roadmap is underway to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Production of biogas to supplement the present need
  2. Use of byproducts through an efficient system
  3. Saving forex
  4. Bringing immediate solutions to mitigate the current crisis involved in LP gas

A dynamic workforce will work as a team in achieving the said tasks. There may be challenges and barriers in identifying strategic partners for potential industry driven/ market driven product development. Ensuring the requisite levels of acceptance by users may another challenging task. However, the NSF believes by establishing trust and maintaining frequent communication through effective awareness programmes, the walls could be penetrated.

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