Second webinar on digital platform held with enthusiastic participation of Sri Lankan expatriates in America

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The NSF is in the process of constructing a digital platform with technical support from SLASSCOM with a view to harnessing the Sri Lankan expatriates for national development. Thus far over 600 patriotic scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs and intellectuals of Sri Lankan origin from around the world have registered with the digital platform which will be launched shortly.

NSF will conduct a series of webinars with our valued expatriates living in different parts of the world to create awareness about the platform among them and get their views and suggestions to make the platform more responsive to national needs.

The first webinar of this series was held on 18th August 2020 with active participation of a large number of expatriates in Australia who made a valuable contribution to make the platform more impactful.

The second webinar was held on 8th September 2020 with enthusiastic participation of many expatriates in America, including several high-profile scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs. Present among them were Dr. Bandula Wijay, Ambassador for Science, Technology and Innovation for Sri Lanka, Prof. Aruna Weerasuriya of Univ. of Texas A&M, Prof. Cumaraswamy Vipulananthan of the University of Houston and Prof. Upali Samarajeewa, Freelance International Consultant in Food analysis and food safety to name a few.

They expressed keen interest to contribute in a wide array of fields, including production of pharmaceuticals,  quality control of herbal products, water and marine resource development, promoting innovation and  capacity building in higher education and  R&D institutions, industry-institutional partnerships, inculcating innovation culture at the school level, bringing ethical and social standards to the equation among other things. Many made valuable suggestions through the chat box to enhance the potential impact of the platform which will be taken into account in constructing the road map and formulating strategies and programmes of the platform. 

NSF wishes to record its appreciation to the expats for their interest and commitment to contribute to national development through the platform. 

Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, Chairman, Dr. Thamara Dias, Actg. Director General and Mr. Shantha Siri, Head/Intl. Liaison Division of NSF, Prof. Prof. Prasad Jayaweera, Prof. Nadira Karunaweera, Prof. P. Ravirajan   and Prof. Pradeepa Bandaranayaka and Mr. Ashique M. Ali joined the webinar from Sri Lanka.

Webinar with the Sri Lankan expatriate scientists from USA (held on 08.09.2020)

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