Announcing National Winners of the NSF Science Research Project Competition 2022/23

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The National Science Foundation announce the conclusion of the Science Research Project Competition 2022/23 successfully on 26th April 2023. This competition began in June 2022 and continued around 8 months with the following 03 main stages as i). conducting 6 months research project under supervision of a senior scientist with close monitoring of the NSF; ii) STEP-I competition based on multimedia presentations : to select best 20 projects   and then iii) Step II, the final step based on poster presentations : to select 10 national winners .

Accordingly, following projects conducted by students indicated  below won places among Ten (10) National Winners of SRPC 2022/23


Project Titles

Cyprinidae family fish diversity in Diyagama Ela – South West ichthyological Zone of Sri Lanka
School :
D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo 07
Students :
AM Udula Methsara Abeysinghe
Teacher in Charge :
Ms W.K.N.J. Amarasinghe
Principal Supervisor :
Dr Dewanmini Halwathura
Department of Zoology and Environment Science,
Faculty of Science,   
University of Colombo
Investigation of anti-cancer activity of bioactive compounds present on plants in Sri Lanka for estradiol synthesis pathway associated with breast cancer via in-silico approach
Conversion of a two-stroke petrol engine to operate using a mixture of bio gas and petrol
Investigating the effectiveness of various storage settings to reduce the microbial growth on toothbrushes
Evalution of field level efficacy of M. micrantha solvent extracts againts aphids in brinjal crop and preliminary study for commercialization
A preliminary study on floral sap yield determination of naturally grown Kithul palms
Qualitative analysis of thermal comfort in a dry zone school classroom
Study the Production of ecofriendly degradable film from extract of Pontedeia Crassipes pure powder with gelatin mixed
Problems associated with sand mining in Upparu Delta region of Kinniya
Evalution of Antidiabetic Activity of Flower of Ranawara (Cassia auriculata L.) in High Glucose Induced Zebrafish Embryos