NSF Research Highlights


The NSF Competitive Research Grants Scheme provides assistance to supplement the financial, physical and manpower resources available in S & T Institutions in Sri Lanka for scientific research. It facilitates to harness independent, individual and intellectual capacity of scientists and encourages them to carry out research of high standard, directed towards socio-economic development of the country.

A total of 181 publications have resulted from ongoing grants in 2017, including 32 foreign publications and 17 local publications (Figure 01).

A total of 47 grants were completed in 2017 and in the 1st quarter of 2018. These research grants are expected to make successful contribution to the economical / Social and Environmental aspects of Sri Lanka through capacity building, knowledge addition, sharing and dissemination.

 One of the Research Grantees completed in 2018 under the discipline of Environment & Biodiversity, has applied for a Sri Lankan Patent on “Purification of natural graphite for preparation of high-quality graphite oxide as a value addition”, which will have impact on Sri Lankan economy. Proposed research would lead to widening of different fields of manufacturing industry such as carbon based material producers, primary and secondary battery producers and fuel cells, friction materials, carbon brushes for electric motors, refractory, lubricants and iron powder metallurgy.

Two patents were obtained from a grant awarded in the field of Engineering, Architecture and Information Communication Technology.

 In addition, another two national patents have been applied from the outputs of another completed research project in the field of Biotechnology for;

  1. An epitope-based vaccine target with viral neutralization potential for dengue disease.
  2. A diagnostic marker for specific identification of the four dengue viruses.

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