JNSF Frequently Ask Questions

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Q : How do I submit an article to the JNSF?
A : Use the link  (https://jnsfsl.sljol.info/author/login/?submit=True) and create an account for JNSF using your email  address.
Submit the manuscript as per the instructions.

Q : Is the ORCID or OSF ID compulsory to create an account?
A : No, you can create an account using your e-mail ID

Q : Can I submit Latex or PDF format manuscripts?
A : No, we only accept submissions in MS word format

Q : Is there a deadline for submitting a manuscript?
A : Manuscripts can be submitted any time of the year

Q : Is there a manuscript processing/publication fee?
A : A publication fee of US$ 150 will be levied for each manuscript other than where the corresponding author is affiliated to a Sri Lankan institution.

Q : Is the publication fee negotiable?
A : no, the publication fee is non-negotiable
Q : Is there a fee for colour figures?
A : There is no fee for colour figures
Q : How long is the peer-review process?
A : The peer-review process usually takes 6 – 9 months

Q : What is the review process used by JNSF?
A : The peer-review process of the JNSF is double-blind. The manuscripts submitted to the JNSF will initially be pre-screened by the Editorial Board members, and if suitable for peer review, will be referred to two specialists in the relevant field. The two reviewers are experts in the matching discipline with anonymity for both author and reviewer.

Q : Can I self-archive my article?
A : If you wish to self-archive an article, the accepted manuscript version can be used for posting on own personal web pages (excluding commercial websites and repositories), and institutional repositories. The authors may further deposit the accepted manuscript version in any repository after official publication provided acknowledgement is given to the original source of publication by inserting the DOI number of the article in the following sentence: “The final publication is available at https://jnsfsl.sljol.info// [insert DOI]”