Facilitating Technology Transfer

Building regulatory frameworks/tools for technology development and promotion

    • Formulation and the implementation of the UI-I Partnership policy - Policy is being developed.
    • Facilitate formulation and implementation of Institutional IP Policies
    • IP audit and IP strategy development

The intellectual property audit (IP Audit) is a management tool for the assessment of the value and risk of intellectual property assets. Its objective is to gain a comprehensive view of the environment for the development of IP assets. Data collected in IP Audit will help address how well a country or region is equipped to participate in economic growth based on intellectual property assets. It is envisaged to conduct IP audit in Sri Lanka and the preparatory work is being done.

Building institutional capabilities in technology development & promotion of innovation

Technological information dissemination

    • Maintaining the Technology databank of technological information and service providers.
    • A list of addresses of 3300 technology developers (industry, university, R&D institutions, are available with us.
    • Facilitate providing technical solutions to SMEs
    • Providing technological information to SMEs

Collaborative activities with the Vidatha Centres

Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops for technological information dissemination-industry needs assessment