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Grants for International Linkages

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   1. International Travel Grants

  • Assist Sri Lankan scientists in their overseas travel to attend scientific meetings/conferences.

    Applications are evaluated monthly - Readmore.....

   2. Overseas Special Training Programme (OSTP)

  • Assist scientific and technical personnel, science administrators, science educators, S&T policy makers as well as full time research students to acquire overseas training

    Applications are evaluated monthly - Readmore.....

   3. International Partnerships for Science and Technology (IPSAT)

  • Promote international research collaborations, technology transfer, and obtaining expertise towards developing a globally-engaged research and scientific community in Sri Lanka.

    Applications are evaluated monthly - Readmore.....

   4. Overseas Science Education Programme (OSEP)

  • Facilitate and grant assistance to Sri Lankan school children, teachers, and university undergraduates of science societies registered with the NSF to participate in internationally organized competitions, seminars, conferences and training programmes related to science popularization and science education.

    Applications should be submitted two months prior to the event and evaluated monthly - Readmore.....

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