Technology Grant schemes

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Technology Grant schemes

National Science Foundation (NSF) promotes technology development and innovation for socio-economic development of Sri Lanka by building public-private, institution-industry partnerships. Accordingly, the NSF supports state, non-state sector organizations as well as individuals not belonging to any organization not only to develop new technologies, products and processes addressing technological solutions industry/ market needs but also to start up businesses based on new technologies.

Facilitating Technology Development & Promotion, Technology Acquisition, Integration and Application the following grant scheme are in operation.

      • Support for Technology Development. (TechD)
        The aim of this scheme is to take research outputs beyond laboratory scale by assisting three target groups of people belonging to different sectors to conduct projects of experimental development focusing on the following. 

      • Support for start up Businesses based on novel technologies. (Start ups)
        This scheme will provide an opportunity for researchers/scientists/engineers to start up businesses by establishing start-up companies or spinoffs using their university/institute-based new technologies.