Working Committee on Science and Technology Policy

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The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Science and Technology Policy Research Division by proposing, evaluating, and monitoring policy research programs and projects, to foster effective communication between scientific communities and policymakers, and to promote dissemination of evidence-based knowledge to influence informed decision-making in the field of Science and Technology policy.

Dr R D Gunaratne (Chairman)
Former DG/National Science and Technology Commission

Mrs U Maheshwaran
Department of Census & Statistics

Mr P M Dharmatilake
State Ministry of Skills Development
Vocational Education
Research & Innovation

Emeritus Prof. W P S Dias
University of Moratuwa

Prof. Devaka K Weerakoon
Faculty of Science
University of Colombo

Emeritus Prof. P R T Cumaranatunga
University of Ruhuna

Dr Dushni Weerakoon
Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka
(Till 30th June 2023)

Dr Ruvan Weerasinghe
School of Computing
University of Colombo

Prof. A A P de Alwis
Faculty of Graduate Studies
University of Moratuwa

Mrs Disna A Niharepola
Department of National Planning
(Till 30th June 2023)

Mr Seyed Shahmy
National Science and Technology Commission
(From 1st July 2022)