Winners of the Science Research Project Competition (SRPC) 2022/23

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NSF organizes Science Research Project Competition since 2008 as an annual event targeting school children in Grade 09-12 with the objective of enhancing scientific thinking, creativity and investigative ability of school children. Top 10 winners are selected annually as the best performers of this competition and they are rewarded with a valuable certificate.

Video clips prepared by the winning school children of the SRPC 2022/23 are uploaded here.

A preliminary study on floral sap yield determination

A preliminary study on floral sap yield determination

Study the Production of ecofriendly degradable film from extract of Pontedeia Crassipes
Problems associated with sand mining
Investigation of anti cancer activity of bioactive compounds
Investigating the effectiveness of various storage settings
Evalution of field level efficacy of M micrantha solvent extracts against aphids
Evalution of Antidiabetic Activity of Flower of Ranawara (Cassia auriculata L.)
Conversion of a two stroke petrol engine