CERN Summer Student Programme


The CERN Summer Student Programme offers a unique opportunity to undergraduate students in the fields of physics, computing and engineering to join with Research Teams at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. Top Scientists around the world join this programme to deliver lectures on a wide range of topics relating to theoretical and experimental particle physics and computing. During the entire period (8 – 13 weeks), based on the type of membership, the students take part in a variety of activities such as visiting accelerators & experimental areas, attending workshops & discussion sessions and making poster presentations.

 The Government of Sri Lanka and CERN established this unique collaboration in 2015. Being a non-member, Sri Lanka can accommodate four students annually under the CERN Summer Student Programme on merit basis. Out of the four selected students, the National Science Foundation annually sponsors the participation of two students and the costs of the other two students are borne by the CERN. Since 2016, the NSF has sponsored six students for this programme.

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