Science Research Project Competition (SRPC)

For whom

  • School children in Grades 9-12


To enhance innovative thinking, creativity and investigative ability amongst the school children in the country.

The Competition
  • SRPC is annually organized by the NSF in order to recognize remarkable young talent in the country.
  • Students participating in the competition are expected to conduct a 4-6 months long research study/project in any field of Science (physical, life, social) following the scientific methodology.
  • Students can conduct either individual or group projects (maximum of 3 members per group) under the guidance of a teacher in-charge.
  • The NSF will provide necessary directions to the students and teachers through a series of workshops with the participation of nationally recognized scientists, academics, researchers, etc., in order to successfully conduct and complete their research projects.
  • In addition, the NSF will direct student researchers to the mentors (University Lecturers, Scientists, etc.) and laboratory facilities upon the requests made by the students.
Benefits to the participants