Supporting Divisions

Administration Division

For the purpose of providing the services required to enable fulfilment of the core functions of NSF at optimum level the Administration Division is engaged in discharging the following key functions;

  • General Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Asset Management
  • Logistical Requirements of NSF
Further it strives to strengthen the linkages and communication between the relevant government and statutory bodies in the external environment.  We make an effort to develop the ability and productivity of our staff and maintain a result-oriented open culture which helps to uplift employee contribution effectively in order to reach the mission of NSF. 
Recent Activities

Some of the activities performed can be read from here


Principal Staff

Mr S N P K Sapumohotti
Senior Administrative Officer
Ext : 235
Mr I W S Sujeewa
Human Resource Development Officer
Ext : 236
Mrs B T Wickramasinghe (On approved long term leave)
Procurement and Transport Officer
Ext : 250
Finance Division
Printing Unit
Information & Communication Technology Unit
Internal Audit Division