Science and Technology Policy Research Division (STPRD)


"Science Indicators for Policy Development"

The Science and Technology Policy Research Division (STPRD) is engaged in providing evidence based policy recommendations for policy formulation on science, technology and other fields ensuring the research/innovation eco-system of the country.

Accordingly, the Division undertake science, technology and innovation (STI) policy research in the areas of importance to make recommendations for policy formulation. The Division regularly conducts the national R&D Survey to measure the status of the R&D in the country. Further, the Division maintains a S&T personnel database enabling collection, interpretation and analysis of S&T human resource data.  This online platform ensures quick dissemination of latest local and international S&T events and opportunities to its members.

Key Activities/ Programmes
Current interests
  • Revisiting the national biotechnology policy
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and impact of its technologies
  • Social sciences related studies
Milestones/ Key Achievements
Recent Activities
Success Stories
Principal Staff