Research Division


"Research is the Foundation of Knowledge"

A robust research ecosystem is essential for a country’s socio-economic development, competitiveness and the well-being of its citizens. It plays a vital role in advancing knowledge and maintaining a strong global presence. A research ecosystem refers to the interconnected network of individuals, organizations, resources, and processes that support and drive scientific and academic research.

The Research Division (RD) of NSF takes the lead in mobilizing scientific research in order to contribute significantly to the overall growth and success of the research ecosystem. The activities of the Research Division are mainly focused on serving as a hub for coordinating, supporting and advancing research efforts through various grant schemes. Accordingly, promoting R&D activities addressing national needs and driving the national research system to produce well defined outputs, and capacity building in S&T have been the major functions of the Research Division in order to establish a sustainable and viable research culture for the greater benefit of the country.

Funding is provided focusing on four key strategies; support individual and joint research, foster the next generation of researchers, development of infrastructure and recognition of researchers.

Review System

RD follows a transparent, peer review system in selecting research proposals and providing funding, progress monitoring and evaluation and final reviewing of projects. RD has Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each research support programme. RD adheres to responsible research assessment processes in accordance with international norms. Standard monitoring and evaluation procedures are followed to obtain expected research project outputs/outcomes. Final review is done for assessing and grading the project based on overall project outcomes and deciding on further funding for a Gap Filling grant. 


Research, Development and Innovation Plan 2024 and beyond

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