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Sri Lanka Journal of Population Studies (SLJPS)
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Sri Lanka Journal of Population Studies is a scientific refereed journal, published by the Population Association of Sri Lanka, a non-profit professional organization of population scientists. SLJPS includes research conducted in several disciplines on population related issues.

The Journal is published annually in July.


Editorial Staff

Editor : W.P. Amarabandu

Editorial Committee:

              Prof. K.A.P. Siddhisena (Chair)

              Dr. K. Masinghe

              Dr. A. Balasuriya
Editorial Advisory Board:

               Prof. Deborah Degraff - University of Bowdin-USA

               Prof. Greame Hugo - University of Adelaide- Australia

               Prof. K. Matushita - University of Kansai, Japan

               Dr. S.A. Meegama - Sri Lanka

               Dr. A.T.P.L. Abeykoon - Sri Lanka

               Mr. Bradman Weerakoon - Sri Lanka


Contents of the Recent Issue

Vol. No. 11: December 2009

D.S.P. Madurawala, Labour Force Participation of Women in Child bearing Ages, Sri Lanka.
R.C. Yadava, Richa Pandey and A.K. Tiwari, Post-Partum Amenorrhea and its Determinants.
Ruwan Jayathilaka, Status of Poverty in Sri Lanka: In a Perspective of Headship.
Mahmuda Khatun, Stalling Fertility Transition in Bangladesh.
R.G. Ariyawansa, Demographic Characteristics and Planning Challenges: The Case of Colombo City.
Chrishantha Abeysena, Lalith Wijerathne and Pushpa Jawawardena, Prevalence of Disability in Ragama MOH Area.

Contents of the Previous Volumes:

Vol. No. 10: December 2007

Swarna Ukwatta and Graeme Hugo, Transnational mothering: Some observations from Asia.
Michael Collyer and Peshala Wimalasena, Linking migration sub-systems in Sri Lanka.
Sunethra Perera, International contract migration in Sri Lanka: Dynamics, issues and policy implications.
H.M. Nawarathna Banda, Impact of international migration on reducing rural poverty in Sri Lanka (with reference to Gampaha District).

Vol. No. 9: March 2007

W.P. Amarabandu, Physical disabilities among the elderly in the Sri Lankan Population, 1981 & 2001.
Manori Kaluthantiri, Pre-tsunami and Post-tsunami Mortality in Galle District.
W. Indralal de Silva and Kumudika Boyagoda, Symptoms of ill-health and health seeking behaviour of Sri Lankan mothers during the puerperium.
K.A.P. Siddhisena and Kumudika Boyagoda, Determinants and Consequences of Sexual Behaviour among Female Workers in Free Trade Zones in Sri Lanka: A Qualitative Analysis.
Lakshman Disanayake and Manori Kaluthantiri, Demographic factors influencing development planning: the case of Moneragala District.
Pabasara Jayathilaka, Economic Demographic Characteristics of Poor Female Headed Households in Sri Lanka.

Vol. No. 8: September 2005

Deborah S. DeGraff and Anju Malhotra, Young Women’s employment in Sri Lanka: the role of marriage and socio economic status: A study of Kalutara District
H.H.M.B. Senaviratne, Climatic change and development: the effect of climatic change on population and development in Sri Lanka.
Kumudika Boyagoda, Fertility differences among the poor and non-poor: A study in the Kalutara District.
R.A.S.B. Ranabahu, Demographic characteristics of urban in-migrants in the Gampaha District.
P.Vithanage and W.A.D. Sanjeewani, Contraceptive behavior of estate workers in Sri Lanka: A Study of Nuwara Eliya District.

Vol. No. 7: September 2004

Swarna Ukwatte, Dominance of Female in Internal Migration in Sri Lanka.
Lakshman Dissanayake and Monohari Kalutanthri, Economics of Population Aging in Sri Lanka.
Sunethra Perera, Determinants of Current Attitudes to Reproductive Health among Female Labour Migrants: A Study of Katunayake Export Processing Zone.
Y.M.L. Amarasooriya, Experience of Women Having Non-therapeutic Induced Abortion: A Phenomenological Field Study.
R.A.S.P. Ranabahu, The Consequences of Urban In-Migration in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Gampaha District.

 Vol. No. 6: March 2003

K.A.P. Siddhisena, Marital disruption in Sri Lanka: Trends and differentials. Abstract

B.M.Kiribanda, Child labour and schooling: Evidence from Sri Lanka, a developing country. Abstract
D.M. A. Dissanayake, Savings and investments of Sri Lankan returnee migrants after employment abroad.
L. Manawadu, Ethnic segregation in the city of Colombo. Abstract

Vol. No. 5: March 2002

Kanthi Ratnayake, Youth at risk? Knowledge, attitudes an behaviour relating to reproductive health, including STDs and HIV/AIDS among beach boys in Sri Lanka. Abstract
P. Hewage, Opinions of health professionals on liberalizing abortion law in Sri Lanka and the actual experience of abortion seekers.
Gamini Samaranayake, Demographic trends and political violence in Sri Lanka. Abstract
R.M.A.K. Rathnayake, Some reflections on integrated urban development in Sri Lanka.
J.M.S. Jayaweera, The impact of unplanned urbanization on upper Mahaweli catchment areas.
D. M. A.Dissanayake, Working conditions of Sri Lankan housemaids employed abroad.
C. M. Madduma Bandara, Address given at launching of “State of world population report for 2001”.

Vol. No. 4: March 2001

K.N. Lankatilake and W.I. De Silva, Factors associated with the decline fertility among Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka from 1987 to 1993. Abstract

Kalinga Tudor Silva, The significance of prior experience with Middle East migration in a sample of female sex workers in a provincial town in Sri Lanka. Abstract

A.T.P.L. Abeykoon, Demographic trends among major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. Abstract

Vinya S. Ariyaratne and Richard S. Brooks, An integrated approach to reproductive health; the Sarvodaya experience. Abstract
Soma de Silva, Maternal mortality in Sri Lanka: estimation, levels, trends and causes.

Vol. No. 3: March 2000

Special Issue: Demographic experiences of Sri Lanka: Prospects and Challenges for the 21st Century

Bradman Weerakoon, Sri Lanka in the 20th century: a rapidly changing demographic scenario.
A.T.P.L. Abeykoon, Population and socio economic changes in 20th century Sri Lanka.
K.A.P.Siddhisena, Determinants and implications of fertility trends in Sri Lanka: retrospect and prospect. Abstract
Lakshman Dissanayake, Epidemiological transition in Sri Lanka.
Swarna Ukwatta, Migration and urbanization in Sri Lanka: an overview.
Jayanthi De Silva, Population and some key environmental issues in Sri Lanka.

W.P. Amarabandu, Politics of population issues and policies in Sri Lanka.  Abstract

Vol. No. 2: March 1999


Gavin W. Jones, Keynote address to the first annual sessions of the Population Association of Sri Lanka.
A.J. Satharasinghe, Time-use analysis of husbands and wives.
Shyama Ranabahu, Population pressure on land: a case study within the Minuwangoda Divisional Secretariat Division of the Gampaha district. Abstract
Monica Rana and R.D. Singh, Some gender issue in a mountain environment in India. Abstract
Kanthi Ratnayake, Female migration from Sri Lanka to the middle-east: is the remedy worse than the disease
. Abstract

Vol. No. 1: February 1998

Nimal Dangalla, Controlling population growth in Sri Lanka: perceptions, policies and strategies. Abstract
A.T.P.L. Abeykoon and P. Wilson, Emerging population issues among adolescent and youth.
K.A.P. Siddhisena and Kanthi Ratnayake, Ageing of population and elderly care in Sri Lanka. Abstract
Narada Warnasuriya, Middle-east migration and health.
R.S. Gunawardena, Demographic and socio-economic situation in a new settlement in Sri Lanka. Abstract
Chandra Attanayake, World demographic scenario at the 21st century with special reference to Sri Lanka. Abstract

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