Science & Technology Policy Research Division


"Science Indicators for Policy Development"

stprdThe Science and Technology Policy Research Division (STPRD) was established in the NSF in January 2005 with a view to establish a research arm in the areas of science and technology policy for providing evidence based research data towards development of S&T indicators for policy formulation.


To provide information on science, technology, innovation, education and other related fields to the policymakers and others nationwide and make the society aware of the important issues relevant to science and technology towards the economic development of the country and the general welfare of the society.

Main Objective of the Division

To undertake science, technology and innovation (STI) policy research in the areas of importance to make recommendations towards policy formulation and develop various databases relevant to all sectors of STI that will be useful for decision making.

 Main Activities of the Division

  1. National Research & Development (R&D) Surveys (With a link to a detailed page)
  2. Science and Technology Management Information System (STMIS) (With a link)
  3. Science & Technology policy research studies

 Few Key Activities-2013

Recent publications

    1. Sri Lanka Science, Technology and Innovation Statistical Handbook 2010 (With a link)
    2. Sri Lanka Science, Technology and Innovation Statistical Technical Report 2008
    3. Conference proceedings of “Sri Lankans on the move” (With a link)


Dr. P. R. M. P. Dilrukshi (Head of the Division)
Senior Scientific Officer
Ext : 127
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it