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Science & Technology Policy Research Division

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"Science Indicators for Policy Development"

The Science and Technology Policy Research Division (STPRD) was established in the NSF in January 2005 with the view of establishing a research arm in the areas of science and technology policy for the provision of evidence-based research data and recommendations in facilitating S&T policy formulation.


To provide information on science, technology, innovation, education and other related fields to the policymakers and others nationwide and make the society aware of the important issues relevant to science and technology towards the economic development of the country and the general welfare of the society.

Main Objectives of the Division

-          To undertake science, technology and innovation (STI) policy research in the areas of importance to make recommendations towards policy formulation

-          To develop various databases relevant to all sectors of STI that will be useful for decision making.

Main Activities of the Division
1. National Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) Surveys (
With a link to the detailed page)
2. Science and Technology Management Information System (STMIS) (
With a link to the detailed page)
3. Science & Technology Policy Research
4. Collection, conservation and dissemination of Indigenous Knowledge in Sri Lanka
5. Facilitate advancement of Social Sciences through promotion of research, capacity building and networking

Recent activities
Indigenous Knowledge
1. Collection of Indigenous Knowledge on ancient water management
2. Collection of Indigenous Knowledge on medicinal plants
3. Investigation of Traditional Practices relating to Farming in Different Regions of the Country

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4. Compilation of Traditional Knowledge on ancient Food Technologies in Sri Lanka

Social Sciences
5. Directory of Social Scientists
6. Young Social Scientists Forum (YSSF) of the NSF
7. Panel discussion on Managing Social and Economic changes towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
8. Panel discussion on Social and public health implications of Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka
9. Panel discussion on Social implications of recent demographic shifts in Sri Lanka
10. Panel discussion on Labour Issues in Sri Lanka
11. Panel discussion on Managing transition from non-biodegradable to biodegradable products
12. Public Lecture on ‘Impact of Social Media on Society’
13. Public Lecture on ‘Importance of Humanities Studies in Higher Education’
14. Workshop on ‘Social Sciences Research and Comprehensive Research Proposal Development’’
15. Workshop on ‘ Scientific Approach to Writing in the Print and Electronic Media’

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Recent publications
1.    Intellectual Property Rights Protection for Indigenous Knowledge: Using and Extending Existing Legal Protections


2.    Sri Lanka Science, Technology and Innovation Statistical Handbook 2015 (


3.    ගොවිතැනෙහි  හෙළ දැනුම


4.    Policy Brief on Sustainable Development goals: Way Forward Through Indigenous Knowledge Based Traditional Wisdom (With a link)


5.    Policy Brief on Outbound Migration from Sri Lanka: The Way Forward (With a link)


6.    Technical report on ‘Social and Economic changes towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’
7.    Technical report on ‘Social and public health implications of Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka’


Mr S.M.A.W. Anuruddha (Head of the Division)
Principal Scientific Officer
Ext: 165


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