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Support Scheme for Supervision of Research Degrees (SUSRED)

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) initiated the Support Scheme for Supervision of Research Degrees (SUSRED) to motivate, support and recognize scientists/engineers engaged in supervising students conducting research in the areas of Science and Technology, leading to postgraduate degrees (MPhils and PhDs).


    • Motivation of senior researchers to supervise postgraduate research degrees.
    • Encourage universities and research institutions to promote and facilitate postgraduate research training.
    • Encourage supervisors to complete the postgraduate research degrees within the stipulated time period without compromising the quality.


Strengthen the National Research & Innovation System with an increased number of trained/ qualified research personnel within a vibrant and dynamic research culture.


      • Scientists/ Engineers who have supervised students for PhD or MPhil degrees which have been completed within 4 and 3 years respectively.
    • Department/ Division/ Unit of an Organization/ Institute which has produced more than 03 postgraduate research degrees per year.


      • Supervisor/supervisory team and student should be citizens of Sri Lanka and registered with the STMIS database of the NSF.
    • A PhD should be completed within a period of 4 years and a MPhil within 3 years from the date of registration (evidence of registration and award of the postgraduate degree should be submitted through the Registrar of the university).
    • A minimum of one publication in peer reviewed journal and/or a patent based on the research carried out for the postgraduate degree.
    • Postgraduate degree should be awarded by a recognized university in the country.
    • Submission of a copy of the thesis is mandatory.
    • Department/ Division/ Unit of an Institution which has produced more than 3 postgraduate research degrees (eligible for a SUSRED award ) per year.  

HOW TO APPLY (Applications Now Closed)

    • Application form and other relevant information could be obtained from the National Science Foundation by sending a self-addressed envelope  be downloaded from this website
    • Completed applications should be submitted to the Director, NSF. Please indicate SUSRED on the top left hand corner of the envelope.
    • For each postgraduate degree supervised, a separate application should be submitted.
    • Applications should be submitted to the Director, NSF. (Applications Now Closed)


    • The successful applicants will be entitled to the following;
    • A cash award for the supervisor/supervisory team of the postgraduate degree (Rs. 300,000 for a PhD and Rs. 200,000 for a M.Phil).
    • One travel grant for the supervisor/student to present a paper based on the research at an international conference or to attend a foreign training programme (subject to NSF procedure for travel grants).
    • Rs. 1 M for infrastructure development may be given to the institution, if a minimum of 03 research degrees were produced within a year, to be used only for improvement of research facilities (not teaching) of that Department or Division.
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