National Science Week (04 -10 November 2014)


The National Science Foundation organized several activities during the National Science Week held from 04-10 November 2014 to make the general public and other stakeholders aware of contribution of Science, Technology and Research towards socio-economic development of the country. This was done by way of highlighting the theme of “Environment Protection” while dissemination of knowledge on currently important issues. The programme of activities that took place during the National Science Week are given below.

Accordingly, the NSF staff enthusiastically involved in all the preparatory work. One of the main activities was the decorating of the NSF premises for the National Science Week by putting up a Pandol in front of the NSF entrance gate depicting/emphasizing the theme given to the NSF viz., “Environment”. All naturally available material was used for this purpose. The NSF Staff who engaged in this task did a great and admirable work by working during the weekend as well. Some posters with slogans and pennants relating to Environment were also printed and displayed in the NSF premises. Outlets for sales and free distribution of NSF publications were set up close to the NSF entrance.  Banners for those outlets were designed and drawn on gunny material by NSF Staff. Some fruit plants were hired and displayed indicating the botanical and the common names of these plants that demonstrated the urban agriculture methods.


Pandol at the Entrance Gate


Posters carrying the message of environment protection


Poster showing energy sources 

Programmes and activities held
(1).   Public Seminar on Indigenous Knowledge and Development
(2).   One Stop Tech Spot - Technology Transfer Facilitating Cell
(3).   Health Desk
(4).   Demonstration on DNA Fingerprinting Technology 
(5).   Public Lecture on “Role of Social Sciences in contemporary society”
(6).   Video Wall for displaying many video programmes
(7).   A stall for dissemination of information and sale of two Journals
(8).   NSF sales outlet
(9).   World Science Day -2014
(10). E -Waste collection Point
(11). Public lecture organized in collaboration with the Open University of Sri Lanka
(12). Participation at the Science Knowledge Competition organized by the ITI
(13). NSF participated in the Science Walk on 08 November
(14). NSF Premises made available free of charge for NASTEC to conduct a Workshop
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