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Prof. MTM Jiffry Memorial Award for Popularization of Science

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This Lifetime Award is destined to Sri Lankan citizens having contributed significantly for popularization of science through print media (newspapers), electronic media (Radio & TV), publications (books, journals, etc.), face to face programmes (workshops, seminars, science forums, etc.) and other modes (drama, video programmes, social media, etc.) with a view of,
  • Contributing to the national economy
  • Improving the livelihood and wellbeing of people
  • Promoting conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources, energy, etc.
  • Inculcating scientific culture.
The award was named as “Prof. M.T.M. Jiffry Memorial Award for Popularization of Science” to honour late Prof. M.T.M. Jiffry who played a key role in popularizing science amongst the general public. He served as the Chairman of the NSF Special Committee on Science Popularization, and the Advisory Board to the Science Popularization Division, and served as an active member of the NSF Board of Management. Prof. Jiffry introduced a range of programmes such as the School Science Society Programme, a series of video programmes on scientific issues, training programmes on science communication and science journalism, etc. through the Science Popularization Division of NSF to take science to the people.


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