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Competitive Research Grants

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These grants are expected to facilitate and support basic and applied scientific research for socio economic development of the country while promoting capacity building of S & T personnel. It will also provide assistance to supplement the financial, physical and manpower resources available for scientific research in the scientists' own institutions.


NSF will be awarding Competitive Research Grants to undertake research in the following disciplines:

•     Agriculture and Food Science                             •     Indigenous Knowledge   

•     Basic Science                                                      •     Library & Information Science

•     Biotechnology                                                      •     Oceanography & Marine Resources

•     Engineering Sciences, Architecture &                 •     Science Education

      Information Communication Technology               •     Social Sciences                 

•    Environment & Biodiversity                                   •     Science & Technology Policy  Studies

•    Health Sciences 


• To encourage researchers to utilize their knowledge for the benefit of the society
• To facilitate researchers with postgraduate qualifications to enhance their career prospects
• To facilitate science/engineering graduates to pursue postgraduate research degrees
• Strengthen the infrastructure facilities for research


The Applicant/Principal Investigator should have a postgraduate research degree (PhD, MPhil) and publications/patents in the relevant area. Applicants with MSc, MD or MS qualifications should have minimum of one year research component in the course and publications/patents in the relevant area. Co-Investigators should have postgraduate qualifications or research experience as evident by publications/patents.

• For first time applicants to the NSF, the upper limit of funds will be Rs. 1.5m per project excluding allocations for Research Personnel. The grants duration will be 02 years.
• Full time Research Students can be allocated only for Principal Investigators with minimum of two years of postdoctoral research experience.
• Full time Research Scientists can be allocated only for Principal Investigators with adequate research experience, as determined by the NSF.


Applications are entertained throughout the year and evaluated quarterly.


The following graph gives an analysis of basic/applied research grants awarded from 2005 – 2015.
No. of grants awarded in 2006 -2016

The postgraduate degrees completed through the research grants during the same period are as follows:

No. of postgraduate degrees completed in 2006 -2016


As a NSF Grant Recipient, you will get benefits on the following schemes:
• Further NSF Research Grants
• Technology Grants
• Research Equipment & Spare parts grants
• Travel grants
• Overseas Short term Training Programme
• NSF Research Awards
• Facilities available under Science & Technology Management Information System



          Application Form ( pdf, 927kb | doc, 320kb )
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