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Research & Development Grants

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The NSF supports R & D activities of Sri Lankan scientists in all fields of Science & Technology, the outputs and outcomes of which will ultimately benefit the Sri Lankan Society. Accordingly, the Competitive Research Grants facilitate and encourage scientists to carry out research of high standard, to strengthen the research base and promote R & D activities directed towards the socio-economic development of the country.  Read more.
This novel multidisciplinary collaborative research program has been initiated with a view to address national needs and to drive the national research system to produce well-defined outputs that can be harnessed for national development. The themes under the NTRP are decided as per the national priorities. The NSF has identified Energy Security, Food Security, Water Security and Climate Change as the priority areas to start with.  Read more.
This grant scheme provides financial support to eminent senior Scientists / Engineers with postgraduate or equivalent qualifications as determined by the Board of Management, to carry out fulltime research for up to 3 years. This scheme is kept in abeyance to be considered when the need arises.

The NSF Research Scholarship scheme is implemented in order to increase the number of postgraduate research studies conducted by Sri Lankan graduates at local Universities. It is also intended to attract and encourage graduates from recognized Universities to conduct fulltime research leading to postgraduate research degrees and to encourage them to take up careers related to research. Click here for more

This grant scheme provides an opportunity for scientists/ engineers with recent Ph.D. or equivalent qualifications to carry out full-time research within the country for up to 2 years. Click here for more

RESEARCH EQUIPMENT GRANTS  (This grant scheme will be advertised later) 
Laboratories with modern infrastructure facilities are needed for research to be in par with the global S & T research. This scheme intends to assist the acquisition of equipment for research that is generally too costly to be purchased by the Research Institutions and Universities.
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