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An improvement to available paddle thresher

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Project Team: Rice Research and Development Institute, Ibbagamuwa

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Dr Kapila Siri Udawela
Team Leader
  Mr E.M. Ranjith Sepala Ekanayake

Grant No: TG/2015/Tech-D/02
Project Title: An improvement to available paddle thresher

Rice processing with the existing paddle thresher is strenuous and hard and paddy is not properly threshed. Further, it is difficult to maintain variety-vise quality seed collection using the present machine. Under the proposed project a machine with improved features is to be developed Viz.,
1. A drawer to collect threshed paddy and the outer cover for the machine to avoid spreading of paddy all over the ground supporting variety-vise collection without mixing.
2. Operation is convenient where the operator can lean on the machine and feed the reap paddy while paddling.
3. Specially designed hooks will help to avoid braking of panicles into small branches improving threshing quality.
4. Machine will be easy to clean by opening the covering lid.
5. Machine will be lighter and therefore portable.
Other Rice Research Stations and small scale paddy farmers will be benefitted with the newly designed paddle thresher.


Awarded on 14th August, 2015
To be completed by 13th August, 2016

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