Development of a control system for trough withering

Ongoing Project
Project Team: Tea Research Institute, Talawakelle

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Dr W S Botheju
Team Leader

Mr K Raveendran

Ms WMS Weerawardena

Collaborator: Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya

Dr K S P Amarathunga

Grant No: TG/2015/Tech-D /03
Project Title: Development of a control system for trough withering

Withering has a direct impact on the final quality of made tea in black tea manufacturing. High electricity cost involved in withering is the other problem which needs to be addressed. As such, there’s a need in tea industry to reduce the electricity cost during withering process. A team of scientists has under taken to develop a control system for trough withering as a solution to the higher electricity consumption during manufacturing black tea. In order to enhance the product quality a portable Data Acquisition (DAQ) system will be coupled with the mathematical model already developed by them. This system will be incorporatedto the withering troughs having Variable Speed Drives (VSD). The system has a demand in the tea industry and as such there is a market potential.

Awarded on 14th August, 2015
To be completed by 13th August, 2017
Progressing well
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