National Digitization Project (NDP)


National Science Foundation launched its Digital Repository in 2007, as the first ever Digital Repository established in Sri Lanka. This concept was further expanded and implemented as the National Digitization Project (NDP) in 2011.

The aim of this project was to digitize Science and Technology (S & T) literature generated by academic, research and related institutions in the country to facilitate easy online access to the full text of S & T literature through a National Network of Institutional Repositories operated by the respective institutions. Preserving local S & T literature and bringing them into global visibility are the other main objectives of this project.

The project was executed in three phases, digitizing approximately 3 million pages of S & T literature collections of twenty-five key institutions in Sri Lanka. Phase I & Phase II of the NDP were successfully completed, covering seventeen institutions in 2013 & 2015 respectively. Phase III that commenced in 2016 (covering fifteen institutions) is currently in progress. It is expected to expand this national programme in 2019 with the coverage of about 100 S & T institutions in the country.

Developing digital repositories is one of the major tasks of the project. The NSF provides assistance to the participating institutions of the NDP in developing their repositories in numerous ways such as establishing repositories with continuous technical support and providing provisions for hosting facilities in the NSF server. DSpace, a Free and Open Source Software is used to develop the repositories. Twenty five digital repositories have been established since the inception of the project and sixteen repositories (mentioned below) out of them have been integrated to the NSF digital repository through a central portal, enabling searches through all the repositories connected to the NSF digital repository via one single window paving the way for a wider access to S & T literature of the country.

  • DSC - Department of Census & Statistics
  • ID - Irrigation Department
  • NSF - National Science Foundation
  • CEA – Central Environmental Authority
  • ITI – Industrial Technology Institute
  • IESL - Institution of Engineers of Sri Lanka
  • CRI - Coconut Research Institute
  • HARTI - Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute
  • NIFS - National Institute of Fundamental Studies
  • RRI - Rubber Research Institute
  • TRI- Tea Research Institute
  • PGIA - Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture
  • SEUSL - Southeastern University
  • UM - University of Moratuwa
  • UR - University of Ruhuna
  • DA - Department of Agriculture

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