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Support for Technology Development (Tech D)

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indThe aim of this scheme is to take research outputs beyond laboratory scale by assisting three target groups of people belonging to different sectors to conduct projects of experimental development focusing on the following.

    • Encouraging universities and research institutes to conduct projects leading to technology driven innovations (TDI), based on existing knowledge gained from basic and applied research notconfining research outut limiting to laboratory scale.

    • Strengthening capacity and capability of non-state sector companies (small, medium and large)to conduct activities directed to producing globally/regionally competitive new materials, productsor devices, installing new processes, systems and services, or to improving substantially those already produced or installed and become active partners in the innovation process.

    • The innovative capacity of citizens of Sri Lanka is much ignored and untapped. Therefore, many of the ideas generated in the minds of people of the country are not being able to be utilized forwealth creation. Very often inventors seek financial and sometimes technical support to put their ideas into practice from government organizations. However, there has not been a way to supportand address such needs of inventors not belonging to an organization (individuals). Thus, assisting inventors to develop prototypes/ processes which are of commercial use and has industrialpotential will be another focus.


Note: Full set of applications with guidlines are attached as ZIP files. Please download the ZIP file and extract. More details about ZIP and UNZIP can be accessed from below;


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