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Invitation to Sri Lankan expatriates to become a strategic partner and dynamic force of national development!

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Establishment of a digital platform to harness Sri Lankan scientific and professional expatriates for national development

There are nearly three million Sri Lankan expatriates and emigrants, including an appreciable number of reputed scientists and professionals holding senior positions in academia, R&D institutions and industry. They undoubtedly constitute a formidable potential asset of Sri Lanka which has hitherto been almost untapped and untouched for national development. In fact,  many SL expatriates  are keen to contribute to the development of the motherland. However, the lack of a credible and pragmatic mechanism has hindered such contribution, while countries such as China, India and Taiwan  derive remarkable benefits  by harnessing expatriates.
Thus the National Science Foundation (NSF) — the premier national institution mandated to promote S&T in Sri Lanka — proposes to establish a digital platform to harness this enormous source for national development. Key sectors, including higher education, S&T, FDI, trade/exports, tourism, enterprises and industry could benefit therefrom. Initial emphasis will mainly be on S&T and higher education. 
Thus the NSF proposes to construct an online ecosystem to bring expatriates together  to 
1. Provide greater opportunities for higher education and capacity building; 
2. Enhance academic cooperation and research collaboration; 
3. Create a culture of creativity and innovation;
4. Promote joint publications and ranking of Sri Lankan universities; and 
5. Facilitate technology transfer 
To this end, the NSF wishes to develop a database of scientific and professional Sri Lanka expatriates residing in developed economies in N. America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. The Sri Lanka Association for Software and Service Companies (SLASSCOM) which has considerable expertise and experience in developing and maintaining digital platforms will provide the requisite technical support and guidance in this regard. 
The NSF  will ensure that the   partnerships developed  between our expatriates and S&T personnel in Sri Lanka through this platform will be mutually rewarding and reinforcing thereby making the platform sustainable. Therefore this facility could yield substantial benefits in  the academic, scientific, industrial, economic, social and environmental spheres. 
The NSF proposes to launch the digital platform in August, 2020, and we  cordially welcome you to join it by filling out the  digital form given below. 
Please feel free to share this invitation with relevant Sri Lankan expatriates in your country and outside and kindly note that  there is no set deadline  for registration and our expatriates are welcome on board anytime!
Looking forward to constructive engagement with you!
Professor Ranjith Senaratne
National Science Foundation
47/5, Maitland Place
Colombo 07


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