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The King Salman Award for Disability Research

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The King Salman Centre for Disability Research in Riyah newly started an award under the name of “ King Salman Award for Disability Research” which will strengthen the intellectual creations and excellence scientific works in the field of disability in order to create ways, means, solutions and substitutes which will lead to limit and reduce the disability and it’s impact on disable persons and their families.

The Conceptual Development of the Award
In the past, the Award used to be granted as part of the Disabled Children Association Award.
After its establishment, the King Salman Center for Disability Research was charged with the task of granting this Award due to its specialization in disability research.
The Award has been reformulated, and the conditions and parameters governing its granting have been defined.

Award Objectives

  • Stimulating endeavors at the local, regional, and international levels for the enrichment of scientific knowledge thorough advanced quality research in the different fields of disability.
  • Enhancing the environment of creativity and scientific excellence in the field of disability towards securing adequate methods, means, solutions, and alternatives amenable to preventing or minimizing the effects of disability on persons with disabilities and their families.
  • Establishing the concept of scientific research in the disability field and promoting its culture across society locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • Implementing the role of scientific research in the promotion of the programs and services offered to persons with disabilities.Implementing the role of scientific research in adapting modern technology to the needs of persons with disabilities in order to enable them to achieve their goals, hopes, and aspirations.
  • Implementing the role of scientific research in creating social settings where persons with disabilities become producers and contributors to the development and prosperity of their communities, and not simply as consumers.

Deadline for accepting nomination requests is 31st December 2017. Application should be sent to the following address:
King Salman Centre for Disability Research,
P.O.Box 6482
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11614

For more information on criteria and the application process you may visit the following we site:

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