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* NSF Research Awards
* NSF Technology Awards - 2014-2017






NSF Research Awards
This scheme was initiated in order to bestow on NSF grant recipients who have attained a high level of excellence in their research work, the recognition they deserve and to recognize their contribution to the advancement of science.  At present NSF Research Awards are given annually for projects completed during the previous year.  Recommendations are made by National/Research Committees based on final reports submitted by grantees.

NSF Technology Awards
The purpose of the award is to bestow on grantees from state and non state sector for carrying out technology development related work and market driven innovations of outstanding merit carried out under NSF supported grants.

TWAS/NSF Young Scientists Award
The TWAS/NSF Prizes for Young Scientists are awarded annually to talented young scientists who have excelled in research work, in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Each award consists of a cash prize granted by TWAS and a certificate. The applications received in this regard are evaluated by respective Thematic Research Committees and nominees are forwarded to the Board of Management of NSF for approval.
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SUSRED (Support Scheme for Supervision of Research Degrees)
SUSRED (Support Scheme for Supervision of Research Degrees) is a NSF award given to Supervisors of postgraduate research degrees (MPhils and PhDs) and Departments/Divisions/Units of institutions that support postgraduate research in Sri Lanka, in recognition of the service to the nation. 
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