"Science for All"

According to the Science and Technology Development Act No.11 of 1994 one of the main functions of the NSF is to popularise science amongst the people.


To uplift the life of the nation through awareness creation, upgrading knowledge and skills on Science and Technology.


To popularize Science and Technology amongst the people of Sri Lanka under the theme ‘Science for all’.


  • Spread knowledge in Science and Technology to masses in a simplified form
  • Acquire new Science and Technology knowledge to improve one's social and economic life
  • Inculcate the scientific basis of technology and other scientific methods used in everyday life and in occupations for the general public
  • Create awareness of the opportunities available through technology for improving the welfare to meet the needs of the people
  • Improve the acceptance of science among qualified undergraduates selected for science streams
  • Facilitate learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among school children and university undergraduates
  • Motivate and train the scientists to use simple approaches in communicating appropriate science and technology methods to the general public.

We promote popularization of Science and facilitate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education through following activities

  • Registering School and University Science Societies
  • Conducting annual School and University Science Society Competitions.
  • Science Research Projects Competition (SRPC)
  • Participating students in International Science and Engineering competitions e.g. Intel ISEF
  • Publication of ‘Vidurava’ Science Magazine
  • NSF Science Magazine on Television ‘Mihimandala’
  • Publication of Science Books and Booklets
  • Training Science Communicators
  • Facilitating Science Popularization and STEM activities by ;
    • Funding for S&T related publications
    • Funding to conduct Science Education and Popularisation Programmes
    • Funding school children and undergraduates to participate in International Science Education Programmes
    • Supporting to uplift laboratory facilities of under priviledged schools
  • Giving recognition to Individuals/Organizations involved in Science Popularization
    • Prof. M.T.M. Jiffry Award for Popularization of Science
    • NSF Award for Teachers in Promoting Science
    • NSF Science Popularization Award for media personnel and media institutions.
  • Celebration of World Science Day on November every year


Dr P.R.M.P. Dilrukshi (Head of the Division)

Principal Scientific Officer

Ext: 180

Direct No: +940112209509


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