"Driving the innovators to develop, assimilate and use technologies for wealth creation"

The Technology Development and Innovation Division was established in the NSF with a view to promote technology development and innovation.  The Division serves a large number of innovators across a wide range of population including individual inventors. Our stakeholders are the researchers & scientists from universities, research institutes as well as the entrepreneurs and inventors. Our programmes/projects and activities are designed to foster innovation in all areas of S&T including biotechnology and nanotechnology. The Division's ultimate objective is to contribute to wealth creation and thereby the economic growth of the country.

Funding schemes & programmes

Technology Development and Innovations Arm

The Technology Development and Innovations Arm (TDIA) was set up at the National Science Foundation (NSF) due to the urgent need in the economy to address the scientific development pathway to economic prosperity. The government policy is set out in the Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor which has to be actioned in a realistic way using the best available capacity that the NSF could harness. Read more


Eng. Mahesh Disanayake (Covering. Head of the Division)
Principal Scientific Officer
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