"Research is the Foundation of Knowledge"

Aligning with the NSF mandate, the activities of the Research Division are mainly focused on the scientific community in Sri Lanka under various grant schemes. Accordingly, promoting R&D activities addressing national needs and driving the national research system to produce well defined outputs that can be harnessed for national development, and capacity building in S&T have been the major functions of the Research Division in order to establish a sustainable and viable research culture for the greater benefit of the country.

Funding schemes & programmes

  • Competitive Research Grants Scheme
  • International Collaborative Research Project (ICRP) Grants 
  • National Thematic Research Programme
  • Senior Research Fellowships
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
  • Research Scholarships
  • Research Equipment Grants Scheme
  • NSF Research Awards
  • SUSRED Awards


Research Arm

The Research Arm (RA) was established at the National Science Foundation (NSF) due to the urgent need to re-orientate the scientific research initiatives promoted by the organization. The initiative would enable identification of national priority research needs in order to bridge the gaps that exist in industry and product development framework, to promote the quality of life of citizens and to ensure economic returns for investments made through scientific grant awards. Read More

Contact :

Eng. Mahesh Dissanayake (Head of the Division)
Principal Scientific Officer

Ext : 120
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