Research Division


"Research is the Foundation of Knowledge"

The Research Division takes the lead in mobilizing scientific research in order to enhance the quality of life of the people of Sri Lanka. The activities of the Research Division are mainly focused on the scientific community in Sri Lanka under various grant schemes. Accordingly, promoting R&D activities addressing national needs and driving the national research system to produce well defined outputs, and capacity building in S&T have been the major functions of the Research Division in order to establish a sustainable and viable research culture for the greater benefit of the country.

Key Activities/ Programmes

  • Competitive Research Grants Scheme (CRG)
  • International Collaborative Research Programme (ICRP)
  • National Thematic Research Programme (NTRP)
  • Gap-Filling Research Grants Scheme (GapF)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (PDRF)
  • Research Scholarships (SCH)
  • Research Equipment Grants Scheme (EQ)
  • Spare-parts for Research Equipment Grants Scheme (SPR)
  • NSF Research Awards (NRA)
  • Support scheme for supervision of Research Degrees (SUSRED)

Highlights of the completed research grants awarded during 2017-2022 can be viewed from here (pdf, 888kb)

Key Achievements

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Recent Activities
Principal Staff