International Affairs Division

As per the Science and Technology Development Act No.11 of 1994, one of the main functions of the NSF is to foster interchange of scientific information among scientists in Sri Lanka and foreign countries. Accordingly, the International Affairs Division (IAD) plays a crucial role in capacity building of researchers by providing overseas special training at world-class R&D Centers and centers of excellence to enhance R&D outputs. It also facilitates cross-border partnership building for scientific cooperation and research collaboration thereby enhancing visibility of Sri Lanka’s STI landscape. These partnerships also enable access to state-of-the art R&D infrastructure abroad enabling Sri Lankan researchers to perform beyond boundaries to yield impactful R&D outputs thereby creating value for money. The interventions made by the IAD enables Sri Lankan researchers access to cutting-edge knowledge, acquiring high level of excellence in research work through global networks and thereby training, capacity building and skill development of the R&D workforce. We also ensure that Sri Lankan Scientists are benefited from bilateral and multilateral cooperation between institutions abroad. Hence IAD facilitates making Sri Lanka a part of the global value chain, progressive advancement of Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) for socio-economic advantage.

Key Activities/ Programmes

  • Facilitate local research institutions and universities to collaborate with international research institutions and STI organizations.
  • NSF Digital Platform for tapping the expatriate talent pool for national development.
  • Facilitate cross-boarder transfer of cutting-edge knowledge.
  • Facilitate training/capacity building of researchers through International Travel Grant (ITG) Scheme, Overseas Special Training Programme (OSTP) and International Partnership for Science & Technology (IPSAT) Grant Scheme.
  • Explore international funding opportunities, scholarships, fellowships, awards for excellence and timely dissemination to local research community.
  • Catalyzing and mobilizing cross-boarder scientific cooperation and research collaboration.
  • Facilitate partnerships with expatriates and industry.
  • Facilitate UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme enabling sustainable management of natural resources. 

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